It’s already been a long hot summer, and we’re not quite half way through yet.  No complaints from those who enjoy a Mediterranean climate, but a bit of challenge for our English Rose complexioned number.  So it’s time for some skin-loving pampering that will soothe, refresh and purify.

Natural is a big hit with celebrities these days, and we at Celtic Herbal are pleased to hear it.  There is no doubt that natural products are kinder to skin and healthier all round, so it’s good to have an army of A-list ambassadors for a simpler approach to looking good and smelling delicious!

Gwen Stefani, Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone, Miranda Kerr, Josie Moran and Gwyneth Paltrow all follow natural beauty routines and are some of the growing ranks of celebrity poster-girls for keeping it lovely – as nature intended.

There is nothing as mood-lifting as a long soak, drenched in natural scents from salts or oils combined with carefully chosen herbs, fruits and other scrummy ingredients.

It’s no wonder we’re a happy bunch really is it – we get to work with these ingredients as we craft artisan soaps, bath products, massage oils, balms and natural home fragrances all day long.

We’re fans of fragrance layering.  It’s the easiest way to stay smelling fresh as a daisy as your day unfolds and wraps into evening.

So start with a bar or two of our beautiful soap for quick hand-washes, add salts or oils to your bathing routine, carry a handy lip balm with you for frequent application and treat hands and feet to a little pamper every once in a while.  Relax into the evening with room diffusers and soy candles with your favourite scent and there you have it.