Hygge is the Scandinavian trend that has been taken to the heart by us Brits – almost as much as our new-ish love affair with a Scandi crime novel.

But if you thought Hygge – the art of creating a living space that gives your soul a hug when you get home – is limited to winter (or Scandinavian countries) think again.  And, shocker, the Scandinavian’s didn’t even invent it.

 Celtic Herbal is backing Wales’ own approach to wellbeing, summed up as ‘cwtch’ (Welsh for a warm affectionate hug that gives a feeling of safe place or home) - and it was here first (1400)With this in mind, we think it should be the other way around Hygge is the Scandinavian Cwtch!

Natural materials, soft, warm, lighting, time with friends and family and a fresh and calming environment are key to Hygge – and Cwtch. We are campaigning to bring Celtic Cwtch style – and scents - to a summer of gardens, barbeques, tea on the lawn, sundowners with friends and late evening snuggles on the sofa. We will be inviting you all to bring the outdoors inside as the evenings draw on and enjoy a summer evening Cwtching with its new range of room diffusers and natural and beautifully fragranced candles.

If you’d like to start preparing for our month of Cwtch check out some products which might help you find that feeling of home, where ever you are.


NATURAL FRAGANCED CANDLES: Because Celtic Herbal candles are made with all-natural products, are kind, ethical and contain no nasties they’re perfect for bringing the beautiful fragrance of summer gardens indoors.  Fragrances are created from essential oils extracted from pressed herbs and botanicals and smell just delicious.  Perfect for bringing the outdoors inside our candles burn cleanly – and we even have travel candles (great for that glamping trip!). We're recommending Exotic Wood & Ylang to balance the mind, body & inner self. 

REED DIFFUSERS: Like Hygge, our Celtic Herbal Cwtch is all about keeping things natural.  Our reed diffusers offer an ambient fragrance that is fresh and long-lasting keeping the indoors sweet.

BATH-TIME RANGES: Feeling cleansed, fresh and fragrant is an important step toward your inner Cwtch.  So, we advise checking out our Refresh, Calm, Purify and Wellbeing ranges of bath goodies for a luxe summer soak.

MUMS, BABIES, KIDS & TEENS: And don’t forget the smaller members of the family.  Everyone needs a Cwtch.  Our Mum and Baby range includes gentle and un-fragranced soaps and nappy rash cream and our Gwdihw (Welsh for Owl) range of balms for kids and teens are luscious, natural nourishment for lips, skin, hands and feet – and include a sleep balm and a first-aid balm.