The Celtic Kiss Boot Camp is in full swing ahead of International Kissing Day.

Our newly-launched product range – which includes a squadron of freshly uniformed Celtic Herbal lip balms and a ‘cadet crew’ of Gwdihw (pronounced ‘Goody Hoo’ - that’s Welsh for owl) balms for kids and teens – is calling time on cracked lips.

We wanted to ask you to join us in having a bit of fun with this.  The bottom line is you get softer, lovelier lips and, along the way, you have a great opportunity to snap up a bargain or even bag yourself a very handy prize.

In an eight-day count-down to the big day – July 6 –our balmy army will offer treats and incentives to those who join up across our social media platforms in the shape of cracking deals for smoother lips.  Take a look (Instagram - @celticherbal, Twitter - @CelticHerbal, Facebook - @CelticHerbal). 

Our social media boot camp will offer hints and tips on how to achieve smooch-worthy lips and explain why kissing is good for us.

Here is the heads up on kissing – from our own lip experts:

1. A kiss causes our brain to create a chemical cocktail that can give us a natural high.  So imagine what can be achieved with a really great kiss and super soft lips.

2. Most of us can recall the details of our first kiss.  A kiss can be a brief peck of affection, a hello or goodbye, a ‘kiss it better’ or full on love.  Don’t underestimate the power of a perfect kiss.

3. Around 90 per cent of cultures kiss – yes even Eskimos – or the Inuit to be more accurate.  They kiss just like everyone else – but bitter winter temperatures mean they usually reserve the practice for indoors.

4. Some animals will approximate a kiss.   The bonobo ape – and chimps - like to kiss like we do.  Bonobos kiss for comfort and to socialise. Sometimes after a fight they will kiss and make up.

5. Top kisses – on the hand - very chivalrous, on the cheek – a greeting, on the forehead or top of the head – a sign of affection generally reserved for children, on the lips – keep it for your significant other.

6. But why do we kiss?  Because we can learn a lot about each other from a kiss.  And when we’re choosing a mate that’s important.  We all have a group of genes called the MHC (major histocompatibility complex) that form part of our immune system and give us our natural scent. In a famous experiment, women overwhelmingly preferred the smell of t-shirts worn by men with different MHC genes from their own. This is because when two people with different MHC genes mate, the baby they might produce would have a selection of components from each of their immune systems. Opposites do attract and a kiss is an important indicator at a subliminal level.  

7. When we kiss our brains dedicate a disproportionate amount of space to the sensation of the lips. During a kiss, this lip sensitivity lights up the pleasure centres in our brain.  As a result, we experience feelings of euphoria and addictive behaviour.

So there’s a world of difference between a great kiss and a complete kiss fail, and there’s everything to play for.

Our Celtic Kiss boot camp encourages recruits to keep up the lip fitness campaign beyond the Passing (P)out Parade so that when you ‘pucker up and give your Pa a peck’ – or smooch your significant other, everything goes smoothly.

It’s worth joining the boot camp, an exclusive welcome offer for recruits gifts a third lip balm when you buy two and includes your name in the draw for a Celtic Herbal ‘lipfinity’ prize – a bundle featuring every Celtic Herbal and Gwdihw lip balm product. To take advantage of our offer, add three of your favourite lip balms to your basket and enter code ‘CelticKiss’.     

To get involved simply visit Celtic Herbal’s social media platforms and follow us– then comment on the boot camp posts.  If you’d like friends to be able to take advantage of the offer – or to be in with a chance of winning a prize – then invite them to take a look.  If your friend wins the prize – we’ll arrange one for you too!

Celtic Herbal Lip Balms:  Honey & Lemon, Vanilla or Peppermint

Gwdihw Lip Balms: Smoochy Lips Vanilla, Honey & Lemon or Peppermint