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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  1. Great British Bath Night

    The days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting darker, but that doesn't mean you should be heading under the duvet any earlier, or going out on fewer weekend adventures!

    Introducing the Great British Bath Night (#GBBN) - this Sunday relax and refresh yourself for the week ahead by joining the bath night revolution. Gone are the quick, short showers of summer - it’s time to bathe in the luxurious comfort and warmth that only a Sunday night bath can bring.

    Here are seven ways that baths can help improve your wellbeing, proving why you should take time to treat yourself this Sunday...

    Relax & rejuvenate

    There’s nothing better than a relaxing bath after a long day at work, or after a weekend filled with adventures.  A good soak in warm water instantly relaxes your muscles, easing you into the evening ahead. Be careful though - if your bath temperature is too hot, it can actually be less relaxing for your body!

    Relieve skin conditions

    For people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, it’s key to ensure that skin is regularly moisturised and hydrated ,avoiding the use of products that can be harmful to the skin. When bathing, use an all-natural soap such as Celtic Herbal’s Honey & Oatmeal bar, specially formulated to be soft on the skin as a natural alternative to traditional petrochemical based treatments.

    Soothe injuries & exercised muscles

    The warmth of a bath with added magnesium bath salts can help to soothe tired muscles, relieving the pains and strains that are felt after exercising or from an injury. The bath acts in a similar way to a heat pack, improving blood circulation whilst increasing the temperature of your muscles, which in turn blocks the pain sensors. At the same time, magnesium from the bath salts are being absorbed transdermally through the skin, replacing minerals lost during exercise.

    Encourage better sleep

    A relaxing bath is the perfect way to get yourself feeling ready for bed. Use lavender bath salts and burn a natural lavender candle to soothe your senses.

    Deeply cleanse

    Because we spend more time soaking in the tub than we do when showering, the steam has more chance to open up the pores in our skin, allowing them to be deeply cleansed as the warm water flushes out dirt and toxins trapped inside.

    Reduce headaches

    A lot of headaches are caused when the blood vessels in the brain become narrowed - bathing in a warm bath can counteract this as the warmth of the water encourages the blood vessels to expand, allowing the blood to flow normally and alleviating the pressure which caused the headache. If you’re bathing with a headache, don’t forget to have a glass of cool water within reach to sip throughout your soak - this will stop you becoming dehydrated which could make things worse!

    So whether it’s to alleviate a cold or headache or just to relax into the evening ahead, take a little time for yourself this Sunday and have a soothing soak in the tub!


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  2. Autumn Adventures - tips for the changing weather

    Autumn’s here, can you believe it?! Don’t despair, the changing weather doesn’t have to affect your weekend adventures - just take a look at our handy tips to help you make the most of the shorter days and colder nights…

    Sleep well

    Making sure that you get plenty of quality sleep is key to helping you feel refreshed and ready for the weekend ahead! Here are a few ways to help you get the most out of your time under the duvet:

    • Eat ‘snooze foods’ before bed
      There are lots of different foods out there which can help body and mind to switch off before bed. Food and drinks such as warm milk, marmite, almonds, bananas, honey and oatcakes all contain natural chemicals which reduce alertness allowing your brain to prepare itself for a deep slumber. Make sure that you never go to bed hungry – try having dinner in the early evening and then a sleep-inducing snack just before bedtime.

    • Power down in the evening
      Using your electronic devices in the evening leaves the brain feeling stimulated and revved-up, rather than relaxed and sleepy. Try to power down your smartphone, tablet or laptop at least an hour before heading to bed.

    • Optimise your bedroom for sleeping
      Use relaxing fragrances to bring a sense of calm to your bedroom. Light a natural lavender candle in your bedroom an hour before bed, or whilst you relax and read a book. Rub natural sleep balm into your pulse points to truly encourage sleepiness.

    Dress for all weathers

    Autumn can be chilly, but it can also be pretty warm when the sun starts to shine through the falling leaves. If you’re heading out on an autumn adventure, make sure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw at you:

    • Layer up!
      Simple but effective, with chillier mornings and evenings and warmer afternoons you might find yourself wishing for something a little lighter to wear. If you’re dressed in layers, it’s easy to adjust to the changing temperatures. .

    • Take a raincoat
      Obvious, but easy to forget on a beautifully sunny morning.

    • Have spares!
      Have some spare socks ready in your pocket or in the car boot - there’s nothing worse than having to put up with wet socks all day! Swapping wet socks for spares will help to keep toes warm and toasty. Give a little extra TLC to your feet by keeping some natural foot balm handy for when feet get sore and need a little extra care.
    Be prepared

    Who knows where your adventures will take you, and what you may come across! Be prepared by packing a few extra items to make your day a little easier...
    • Pack a flask of soup or your favourite hot drink to keep you warm from the inside-out
    • Take along your favourite lip balm to moisturise and nourish in brisk winds and cooler temperatures
    • Keep a tin of our Gwdihw Propolis 1st Aid Balm handy for any accidental cuts and stings that happen along the way!

    Take time to recover

    Taking time post-adventure is just as important as preparing yourself pre-adventure! Have a little me time by lighting a refreshing candle whilst you take a dip in the tub with some muscle soothing Magnesium Bath Salts with Lavender. Be sure to replenish your water levels, and eat a comforting, healthy meal to help the buzz of the adventure continue into the evening.

    Do it all over again

    And once you’ve recovered, you’ll be ready to do it all over again next weekend!

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